Isolin Trade & Invest Ltd has provided varying services to our long time customer base for years. Our staff continues to grow as the needs and demands for our unique approach to services grow.
We focus on LISTENING to the needs of the customer, we LEARN from the partner exactly how they want to utilize our services so we UNDERSTAND how to approach the solution.

 Virus Removal\Prevention

Prevents data and time loss due to virus attacks.
Solutions Available: 
Anti-Virus Software, Spam ware, Spy ware  Virus Detection and Removal



 Internet Connection\Firewall

Determine the Internet connection that fits your needs and provide security for that connection. 
Solutions Available: 
Cable, DSL, 56K, ISDN, T-1, Satellite  Hardware & Software Firewalls, Email


 Data Security

Prevents the loss of data and provides a quick recovery from a disaster. 
Solutions Available: 
Backup Systems, Software, Tape drives



 Remote Access Solutions

Provides secure access to your data from anywhere in the world!
Solutions Available:
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)  Terminal Services, Wireless


 Physical Network Installation

Provides a fast, consistent connection for all computers on the network.
Solutions Available:
Cabling, Patch Panels, Hubs, Switches, Routers  Workstation\Server Installation and  Configuration



 PC\Server Repairs\Upgrades

Provides a more productive work environment.
Solutions Available: 
Windows 2000\XP Upgrades 
Memory, Hard Drives, CD, DVD, RW, Video Cards 
Network Printing and Repair