LG’s GHG Emissions Reduction Target Validated by Climate Expert SBTi

LG’s strategy for cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the entire manufacturing process from production to use by 2030 has been independently reviewed and validated by climate expert SBTi, making LG the first Korean manufacturer of home appliances to receive such recognition.

Samsung and IBM Announce Call for Code Challenge to Honor Everyday Heroes

Samsung and IBM continue to build upon long-standing strategic partnership with challenge for developers using Samsung and IBM technology. The Challenge will look to address challenges faced by delivery personnel, childcare workers, healthcare frontline workers, educators, and many more who have been invaluable to society during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ASUS Announces Comprehensive Creator and OLED Solutions with Windows 11

ASUS announced a major expansion of the brand’s ecosystem of solutions for empowering creators at the Create the Uncreated launch event. Featuring new laptops, displays, peripherals, a desktop, a projector and a motherboard, the new lineup enables content creators of all types to thrive with optimal workflows and unique innovations.

IBM Unveils On-Chip Accelerated Artificial Intelligence Processor

At the annual Hot Chips conference, IBM unveiled details of the upcoming new IBM Telum Processor, designed to bring deep learning inference to enterprise workloads to help address fraud in real-time. Telum is IBM's first processor that contains on-chip acceleration for AI inferencing while a transaction is taking place.